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Vn 2022 67 Movement Operations Manager (Field Togetajob

Vn 2022 67 Movement Operations Manager (Field
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IOM Internationale Organisation für Migration

Direct Employer on Togetajob since 01/01/1970
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Since the inception of IOM in 1951, Movement Operations have been and continue to be a

fundamental pillar of the Organization’s work. The organized movement of persons in need of

international migration assistance is a primary mandate of the Organization and a cornerstone

of IOM’s operations. This mandate has resulted in the international transport of more than 15

million migrants and refugees worldwide. Movement Operations departments in various IOM

missions, coordinated under the division of Resettlement and Movement Management (RMM) in

the Department of Operations and Emergencies (DOE) at IOM’s Geneva Headquarters, are

responsible for all aspects of travel for migrants and refugees under IOM’s auspices, in

accordance with the various framework agreements with resettlement and receiving

Governments and partners across the spectrum of the Organization’s programmes.

Under the general supervision of the Chief of Mission and the direct supervision of the USRAP

Site Lead, the Movement Operations Manager (Field Support) is responsible for supervising

movement operations activities in the field with the following duties and responsibilities:
**Core Functions / Responsibilities**:
1. Oversee up to seven teams of staff members undertaking field activities in an assigned area

or areas, such as at an airport, transit center, third-party facility, camp-based operation or

sub-office, or in relation to transportation, including supporting staff development processes

such as hiring, providing training, assigning duties and giving feedback to staff members on their

performance on a regular basis to ensure high quality work and the accurate completion of field

support activities.

2. Oversee the efficient and effective management of airport services for arriving and departing

individuals, including in relation to documentation, luggage, escorts and special services.

Ensure staff at airports deliver the highest quality service possible and interact in the appropriate

way with airport and government officials and handle urgent issues as they occur. Monitor the

work schedule, ensuring there is adequate coverage for daily flights, and validate all hours

worked for HR. Process relevant financial paperwork for airport services in coordination with the

IOM finance department.

3. Oversee staff as they assist individuals at transit centers or third-party facilities. Monitor the

weekly shift schedule, ensuring coverage is adequate to maintain a professional, safe, secure

and clean environment; address issues as they arise. Continually seek ways in which IOM can

improve services, including in relation to food, water, non-food items, shelter, sanitation,

briefings, signage and youth services; for third party facilities, regularly conduct checks to

ensure accommodation is up to IOM standards. Manage assets and inventories, ensuring

stocks are continually acceptable, supervise quality control of vendors, and manage the fleet of

transit center vehicles and related driving schedules, staff and paperwork, if relevant. In

coordination with the finance and procurement units, handle all paperwork related to facilities,

including payment and procurement requests.

4. Oversee staff undertaking the coordination of timely and adequate services for meals, snacks

and water for individual staying at Transit Centers, third-party facilities or during transit in

airports and other locations. Work closely with meal providers to ensure meals are culturally

appropriate, hygienic and cost efficient; as needed, identify new vendors to provide services and

negotiate agreements with them.

5. Ensure selection mission support, exit permit support and interpretation services are

coordinated for individuals at the airport, in transit centers, camps, consolidation points and

third-party facilities or during transport by air, ground or water, according to the highest ethical

standards and guidelines established by IOM. Handle financial paperwork related to selection

mission, exit permit or interpretation services as needed.

6. Supervise the coordination of transportation from consolidation points, transit centers and

third-party facilities, including liaising with service providers and supervising staff as all related

activities are undertaken. Regularly review service providers to ensure they meet IOM

standards. Ensure persons with special needs are provided with appropriate services and

continually seek ways in which services can be expanded and improved to meet their needs.

7. Liaise with Units in IOM Qatar and with external partners such as airport and government

authorities, the relevant embassies, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

(UNHCR) in a positive and productive manner. As needed, represent IOM at partner meetings

and conferences.

8. Supervise quality assurance procedures of Field Support services, ensuring quality

assurance checks are being regularly undertake